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Robert Marvel Plastic Mulch

Robert Marvel Plastic Mulch, LLC

2024 Grower's

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Big growers to small growers, we have everything you need to successfully grow your crops! Robert Marvel Plastic Mulch, LLC has been in business selling plastic mulch and drip irrigation tape since 1974. We sell everything from plastic mulch, drip irrigation supplies to greenhouse plastic. Well sell equipment too! Farmers helping farmers increase crop yields and save time! So call in place your order and let the growing begin!

Welcome to Country Lane Farm. 

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Plastic Mulch

The mission of Robert Marvel Plastic Mulch, LLC is to provide the best plastic mulch, drip irrigation tape, equipment and supplies on the market. Robert Marvel Plastic Mulch, LLC will continue to dedicate ourselves to bringing our customers the highest quality products at the most competitive prices and the best service possible. We are farmers too, we know these products perform! We here at Robert Marvel Plastic Mulch, LLC wish all of our customers a happy and prosperous growing season!

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Everything we sell & more!

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Embossed, Smooth, Colored, Biodegradable, and more! 

Drip irrigation tape, drip tape fittings, layflat, flatube, pressure regulators and more!

Palring, the leader in Woven Greenhouse covers. Solarig, Tufflite and more!

Raised Bed and Flat Bed Mulch Layers, Mulch Lifters, Water Wheel Transplanters, and more!

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